With a background in journalism, communication & media – I only recently in the last few years, started exploring my ceramic practice and the infinite possibility of creating art using clay.

Born in Milan, where I studied for a degree in Social Anthropology, I discovered my love of clay in the UK – where I have lived since 1997 – almost by chance.

First was the wheel… then I noticed myself gravitating more toward traditional hand building techniques. I hand-build free form vessels and sculptures using techniques such as coiling, pinching and kurinuki, a Japanese method of hollowing out from a solid block of clay, carving out a vessel to create ‘interior space’.

I combine my interest for making chawan and yunomi tea cups, lidded boxes and tea caddies with researching and studying more in deep Japanese contemporary ceramics and the tea ceremony with its art, performance, gathering, utensils and vessels.

Lately my creative journey took me back to Kurinuki, still my favourite technique. Very instinctual. The kurinuki method of making is all about energy. The motion is quick, but it’s not just the speed. It contains momentum.

Though much of my work draws upon a Japanese aesthetic, I am more interested in the perfection of the imperfection and enjoying the freedom from carving out and hollowing out from solid blocks of clays, using coarse and smooth crank, clay bodies most suitable for sculpting.

II am getting inspired by art and ceramic books, artists, exhibitions, friends but mostly by daily life and mood.

I am experimenting with both commercial – and not – glaze and slip painting and decorating but my first love is wood ash glazes.

Since Spring 2021, I have been a full-time member at the Clay Loft in Inchbrook, an open access ceramic studio housed in a gorgeous former Dyehouse Mill – in the renovated Inchbrook Mill in Nailsworth, just outside Stroud, Gloucestershire – where I started creating my Japanese inspired vessels and tea caddies. A magic place for creativity and making.

I am now relocated full time back in London where my ceramic journeys continues. Exciting times ahead.

Since May 2022 I am a member of London Potters Association.

I am listed in the Craft Council Directory

Contact me:
07398 146 205 |