“For Damage and Repair” – Exploring Wellbeing Through Making

Exploring wellbeing through making is this year’s theme for Craft Central’s programme of talks, workshops, demonstrations and exhibited work during London Craft Week.
Seek inspiration from Celia Pym, Woman’s Hour Craft Prize finalist. She will discuss her visible mending of textiles as an art and her residency at Kings College London in our opening night talk “Damage and Repair”.
Feed your creativity and wellbeing whilst learning embroidery with Stitch School, experts in creating community-based embroideries. There will be drop-in sessions to contribute to our specially commissioned Isle of Dogs themed “Supper Cloth” which will be running throughout the week.
See how jeweller Jane Sedgwick makes her bold, playful wooden jewellery as she demonstrates the traditional woodworking techniques used in her practice. Jane manages a small woodland which provides a sustainable source of Sycamore for her work.
Learn from Asha Buch’s talk on “Wellbeing through Ethical Practice in Textiles”, a short history of the Gandhian approach to handcrafts, local and sustainable practices from India.

Craft Central’s London Craft Week Programme 2019
Celia Pym Damage & Repair talk, Opening Event
8 May 6.30pm -9.00pm, talk starts 7pm
Booking necessary, £5, 50 places Book here
The week’s programme begins with a talk by Celia Pym “Damage and Repair: From a Norwegian
Sweater to a Gold Cape” and will launch the start of our “Supper Cloth”, a community piece of
stitch art.

Exhibition: Wellbeing Through Making
9-12 May 10am-5pm
Free, booking not necessary
A supporting exhibition exploring the makers involved in this year’s LCW programme and how
their work links to wellbeing and sustainability, including Jane Sedgwick, Janine Kok,
StitchSchool, Georgia Bosson and Ana Bridgewater.

Supper Cloth Community Stitching Project
9-12 May 10am- 5pm Free
Free, drop-in, booking not necessary
Throughout the course of the week, we invite you to help create a communal ‘Supper Cloth’. It’s
an opportunity for you to sit down, slow down and feed your creativity through stitching to cocreate a piece of collaborative stitch art in the wonderful environment of The Forge. This event
is run by Stitch School (www.stitch-school.com)

SAORI Weaving Workshop
9 May 2pm-6pm, 10 May 10am -2pm 11 May 2pm-6pm
Booking necessary, £80, 4 places per session
During this workshop, you will be introduced to Saori, its history in Japan and the philosophy of
this intuitive and relaxed way of weaving which emphasises free expression in texture and

Natural Dyeing Workshops
9 May 6.30pm-8.30pm
Booking necessary, £45, 10 places
Use fresh and dried flowers to naturally dye silk in this eco-conscious workshop with designer Georgia Bosson.

“Wellbeing Through Ethical Practice in Textiles”, a talk by Asha Buch
10 May 2pm-3pm
Booking necessary, £5, 40 places

A short history of the Gandhian approach to the handcrafts, local and sustainable practices
from India, hand spinning and organic cotton use.

Introduction to Khadi Cotton Hand Spinning on the Indian Charkha
10 May 3pm-5pm
Booking necessary, £35, 6 places
Learn the basics of hand spinning, gain insights into how cotton is produced and what its
characteristics are (in terms of fibre structure) and be introduced to the Gandhian philosophy and the importance of hand spinning.

Demonstration of practice by Jane Sedgwick, handmade wooden bead jewellery
11 May 11am- 2pm
Free, booking not necessary
Jane will demonstrate a combination of colouring (using paints & pencils) and simple texturing
(including hand carving, filing, stamping) techniques for decorating hand turned wooden beads.
Threading and knotting techniques suitable for wooden bead jewellery will also be

Demonstration of SAORI Weaving by Erna Janine
11 May 11am- 2pm
Free, booking not necessary
Saori Weaving is an intuitive style of hand weaving developed in Japan in the late Sixties to
enable weavers to create unique pieces of cloth, play with colour and texture and weave in an
expressive way. Janine will demonstrate two-shaft weaving and talk about the philosophy
behind this “mindful weaving”. Several easy-to-use floor looms will allow visitors to try their
hand at weaving, choosing from a selection of yarns and other textiles.

Drop-in Rug hooking with Sarah Desmarais, wellbeing in craft practitioner
11 May 11am-3pm
Free, booking not necessary
Rug hooking is quickly learnt and is relaxing and sociable to do. This drop-in workshop offers an
opportunity to try out this traditional craft and to explore, through making and conversation,
what crafting can contribute to wellbeing.

Stitch School A-Z Embroidery Workshop
11 May 11am-1.30pm
Booking necessary £45, 12 places
An introduction to the alphabet of embroidery stitches complete with printed linen sampler,
hoop, threads, tapestry needles and Instruction booklet.

Colouring & Decorating Handmade Wooden Beads with Jane Sedgwick
11 May 3pm-6pm, £45, 6 places
This is an introduction to decorated wooden bead jewellery. You will explore techniques for
colouring and texturing turned wooden beads and will be introduced to a range of materials and techniques for threading and connecting bead forms to make your own necklace.

Demonstration of Tapestry Weaving by The British Tapestry Group
12 May 11am-4pm
Free, booking not necessary
The British Tapestry Group promotes and explores the concept of woven tapestry as a
contemporary art form. Learn all about it and have a go yourself.

Slip Casting & Candle Making Workshop, Ana Bridgewater of Abalon Ltd
12 May 1pm-4pm
£50, 10 places available
Aromatherapy Candles are the perfect solution to help with relaxation, anxiety, stress relief and
sleep preparation. In this workshop, you will make a unique porcelain pot to house a beautifully
scented hand-poured candle.

Craft Central at The Forge, Westferry Road 397-411, London E14 3AE
Visitor information: 020 7538 0819
The Forge is based close to the river and within easy access of Greenwich, Canary Wharf and
Surrey Quays. It is a five-minute walk from Mudchute station on the DLR. Free on street
parking after 17.30 weekdays and all weekend.

About Craft Central
A registered charity, for 40 years Craft Central has supported craftsmanship and craftspeople
and encouraged the public to appreciate craft skills and buy fine craft products.
Craft Central manages studios and provides business support, promotional activities and
exhibiting and selling opportunities for craftspeople at all stages in their careers. The charity’s
designer maker’s network has nearly 700 members and enables craftspeople to link with
colleagues in the wider craft community. Some of these members are based in the Craft
Central studios, others practice a wide range of crafts in studios across the UK.
A programme of curated events in the Craft Central gallery and at other venues provides
opportunities for craftspeople to exhibit and sell their products and engages the public in an
appreciation of fine design and making skills.

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