Material : Earth. An exhibition

Celebrating the use of clay in contemporary art, this exhibition will explore how clay, that most elemental and ancient of materials is increasingly shaping a new aesthetic. 

The potters wheel plays a big part in the practice of many of the artists selected – including Thiébaut Chagué and Stuart Allen – as does performance, as seen with the work of Stephanie Buttle and Duncan Hooson. But it is the emphasis on experimentation and the possibilities of a raw material – used to create non-utilitarian, twisted, morphed and often torn vessels that brings this group of artists together.

Also on show will be over 180 new works by celebrated Japanese ceramists Makoto Kagoshima. 

Annan by Erna Altonen – Handmade stoneware

Exhibiting Artists: Makoto Kagoshima, Patricia Low, Erna Aaltonen, Stuart Allen, Stephanie Buttle, Thiébaut Chagué, Duncan Hooson, Taizo Kuroda, Amber Zuber.

Zola by Erna Altonen

More details: Material: Earth. Messum’s London. From 3rd April to 3rd of May 2019.
Discover more: Messum’s.

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