Radioactive Boglach – Aimee Lax

Yesterday morning I drove to the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, not far from our new nest in the South Cotswolds. I recently started to take more ceramics classes to supporto my new clay road. And then in the new classroom I met my new teacher, Aimee .. a very talented artist .. not only in the making but also in the way she ‘sees’ the outside world and the way she represent it with her art. Radioactive Boglach is on until the 2nd of June. If you are in this part of the world.. please pay a visit. It will make you think… a lot. ‘Radioactive’ isn’t a word that we hear much about anymore. It felt like something we were talking about in the 80’s and 90’s but it’s kind of one…. To this question Aimee highlighted the yes “it’s a dormant word, but it’s still an unseen killer”. The all exhibition makes us reflecting of the danger of all the species and us humans. The main installation is the Digitalis Gargantua, a large scale work (400cm x 210cm) made in porcelain, vulcan clay and steel. You can’t miss it .. it’s filling the room at the gallery in a majestic way. Very interesting also the mixed media paintings and the vitrine with samples of radioactive boglach. Boglach? it might be a new word to me but also to many others.. but I am learning now that it means -in Scottish gaelic- bog.

Listen to Aimee in conversation with New Brewery Arts.

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