Sublime Alchemy: an exhibition

Hyejeong Kim’s Carpel

Joanna Bird Gallery in London with the exhibition Sublime Alchemy is introducing new artists with a theme of Korean and Japanese ceramics running throughout the Spring exhibition. The aesthetics of both cultures and ceramics are so very different and I hope that you will come to see this for yourselves, it is a fascinating subject.

A rare group of works by the pre-eminent Korean Master Potter, Soon-Tak Ji (1912 – 1994) demonstrate his outstanding achievements. Soon-Tak Ji was deemed a Living National Treasure in his lifetime and remains one of the most influential potters in modern Korean ceramics. I am very fortunate to be able to present these unique pieces, all of which are representative of his output at its best. 

Soon-Tak Ji
Akiko Hirai

Soon-Tak Ji

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