Book: Tales of the tea trade

Join Michelle and Rob Comins on a fascinating journey into the lives of those who plant, pluck and process tea. Learn about the provenance of the plant, the regions of the world where tea is grown and even the producers of teaware, to discover why we should all make time for tea

In 2008 a tea grower in Darjeeling opened the doors of his tea garden to Rob & Michelle Comins and prepared them a cup of tea that changed their lives forever. No longer was black tea an anonymous quick bitter cup needing milk and two sugars – it was a personal story of a tea growers dedication; delivering a sweet, flavourful elixir to connect with and linger over.
At the origins of tea they found a slower place of life – one of dedication, ceremony and connectivity. It changed their lives – providing time to connect with themselves, each other and the wider world.
Now Rob & Michelle want to take others on that same journey. By demystifying tea, removing barriers between growers and consumers and immersing us in the culture that surrounds tea they hope to prove that this most ancient drink has much to offer us in the modern world.
Having travelled across the world and built relationships with producers and experts in the tea world, Comins Tea provides a thoroughly researched and passionately developed range of fine loose leaf teas. In their Tea Houses (Bath and Dorset), they have created a space where the origins of tea are respected, preparing their single estate teas in a way that makes the most of their fantastic natural flavour.

Discover more: #talesoftheteatrade

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