Mussi’s Herbal

A few weeks ago I went to my local Museum to visit Cleo Mussi new exhibition.

Museum in the Park is hosting until the 26 of August 2019 a new collection of inventive mosaics by Stroud-based artist Cleo Mussi.

An ornament of comely grace featuring garlands of the head, nosegaies and poesies for the recreation of mind and wholeness of being.

An exploration of ‘all the idle weeds that grow’, the vegetable guerrillas and common place plant escapees and trespassers that mark the well trodden tracks of human migration and movement. 

These adaptive generalists, wayside weeds and pot-herbs flourish despite constant disturbance. A visual delight seeking out “Honest downright good sort of weeds” that thrive in human company  as well as the outlaws and vegetable trash, invasive aliens and poysons; all of which are the global signs of upheaval, migration,  commerce and ritual since Neolithic times and an integral part of the contemporary British landscape.

Cleo Mussi exhibition at the Museum in the Park, Stroud

After exploring the exhibition, be sure to take a wander around the Walled Garden, Cleo’s living, growing, every changing mosaic of colourful and dramatic plants and flowers.

Discover More: Cleo Mussi website

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