The Plant. A Magazine

Today I discovered this gorgeous magazine and I am happy to share with you that The Plant is pleased to release a new issue with three surprising, upbeat covers.

Bringing together photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers and visual artists. The magazine publishes personal stories and artistic renderings of the plant world.

The 14th issue ofThe Plant magazine opens up with Young Voices, a story by photographer Sam Rock and Omaima Salem, captured during London’s first global climate strike in March 2019. In the following pages, a conversation with writer Olivia Laing gets to the roots of her gardening routines in Cambridge, photographed by Kuba Ryniewciz. Then, we go on a journey to Charleston House in England’s East Sussex, beautifully captured by photographer Matthieu Lavanchy before visiting the new Covent Garden Flower Market, seen through the eyes of Chris Rhodes.

The Plant Magazine

We follow Isabella Killoran as she leads us through the inner world of childhood, surrounded by poppies and chamomile in Iran. Camille Vivier and Sandra Berrebi team up to put together A Giving Tree, a fable featuring some young and upcoming fashion brands. Last but not least, Rainer Judd writes a letter from the Far West about how fire can be both a creator and a destroyer.

Her words are accompanied by Max Farago’s impressive photographs, shot in his homeland California. Regular contributor and photographer Marcelo Gomes guides us through a magical trip to New Zealand — the unseen. We close the issue with the usual Loose Leaves section, featuring short and compelling stories by perfumer Lyn Harris, florist Doan Ly, chef Shuko Oda and wanderings arond Lisboa’s Estufa Fría, Bialowieza forest and some fabulous Japanese playgrounds, amongst others.
Enjoy issue 14!

This new issue featuring an exquisite list of contributors, including:
Juergen Teller, Alasdair McLellan, Marcelo Gomes, Sam Rock, Chris Rhodes, Rainer Judd, Matthieu Lavanchy, Isabella Killoran, Olivia Laing, Camille Vivier, Kuba Ryniewiczand and many more.

Discover more via The Plant Magazine instagram account

Photo credits: The Plant Magazine.

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