The Planet Collection: stay warm in style with the new season

A few days ago I received an email presenting this gorgeous collection of scarfs. I must say I don’t know which one to choose, if I had to choose. But maybe I will get the Mercury one (see above here opening this post). Founded in 2016, Furious Goose  is a Brighton-based British accessories brand created by fashion and graphic designer Patrick Morrison. The unisex scarves are proudly made entirely in the UK. 

Each initial idea is developed by hand through pen and ink sketches, Patrick then digitally draws the vector graphics in a painstaking process which is then refined with bright colour ways finessed to achieve the best double-sided print.

The silk pocket squares are able to be styled and worn in different ways, from neckerchief to headscarf, wrapped around a treasured handbag’s handle or simply folded to display a flourish of colours emerging from a jacket pocket…. 
Each scarf is available at 100cm in the finest Merino Wool and 65 cm in silk twill. Pocket squares are available at 42cm in the wool and 30cm in silk.

All their pocket squares and silk scarves are designed by hand in Brighton. Below the four steps of making and creating.

Pen and ink sketches
We always start with scamps and sketches to coalesce the visual language that we’ll be using in each piece. We draw inspiration from sources as diverse as ancient cosmology through to the contemporary rave scene. The results can be quick and scrappy scribbles on the back of a napkin or more polished drawings in chalk, charcoal or even using linocut or woodcut fine art print techniques.

Digital draughtsmanship
Once we’ve explored a concept in sketch form and are happy that it will work on a silk scarf or pocket square we painstakingly (and by hand) redraw the illustration in vector graphics. This is where the Furious Goose signature style comes into play. By simplifying shapes to crisp vectors and tinting the design with flat colours we create a piece that hovers excitingly between fine art and pure graphic design. 

Refine and create the colour way
We take great care in our intricate designs and make sure that each and every stroke is in the right place before declaring the creative fit for the final colourways. And it’s in the colour selection that the silks really come to life. We rarely use black even for outlines, instead using deep hues and tonal contrast to create the definition. This makes our designs glow in glorious technicolor. 

Prepare for printing
We are unashamedly digital in our design and print. We just couldn’t achieve the amazing results we do with traditional processes. One of the main complaints people have about digital print is that it lacks the ink penetration that screen printing offers. We overcome this by working closely with some of the most talented silk printers in England, carefully finessing each design with top-secret colour profiles to achieve truly double sided results.

Just planning ahead with the new season. I should get the right planet 😉

Discover more about the new collection on their website.

Photo Credits: Furious Goose.

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