Drawing Matter. An Exhibition

Drawing Matter. An exhibition by Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess and Carole Pearson at no format Gallery, Arklow Road, Deptford SE14 6BN. From 6.11.2019 to 10.11.2019

Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess and Carole Pearson all emphasise the nature and character of different kinds of matter, be it graphite, wax, tar, paper, wood or metallic paint. They are also united by a limited colour palette and frequent use of line.

This exhibition is an exploration into the expanded field of drawing, blurring the boundaries between the different categories of sculpture, painting, architecture and drawing.

I visited the exhibition on Wednesday morning, just half an hour after the opening, and the energy and light in the gallery were very inspiring. The selected pieces of work from the three artists fills the space beautifully and in a very harmonic balanced way. From the colours, to the form, from the material used to the display layout … I moved around the gallery and absorbed the feeling. Fortunately I also had the great opportunity to talk to two of the artists: very illuminating, happy to share their stories and their journey. I left elevated and nourished. And full of great memories from re-visiting that area of SE London where as a young woman I studied for a few years. The people around there are very creative from the forge in the new emerging area to the busy bee life of students in and out from the train carriages in the station and walking to Goldsmith’s College. Lots of changes, but still the same rich creativity.

And then back home. A very nurturing morning in the New Cross area.

Don’t miss the exhibition, it’s still on until tomorrow. Drawing Matter.
Matter matters, indeed.

Photo credits: Carole Pearson. Lucinda Burgess. Mari Balsama Wilson.

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