Art in Clay. Farnham Pottery & Ceramics Festival 2019

The Art in Clay is on in Farnham. The Pottery & Ceramics festival is open today and tomorrow for you to explore a selection of potters and ceramic artists. Here’s a selection of some of them. If you are around the area and interested in pottery .. don’t miss it.

My five picks from the festival

Suzette Knight

Jacqui Ramrayka

Jaejun Lee

Laura Crosland

Craig Underhill

The festival includes, talks, demonstrations & films. Some they are on today on the opening of the festival and tomorrow more occasion to explore secrets and people behind the pottery world.

Surface,is a demo for slab building and surface mark making techniques using engobes, and talk a little about his influences and journey so far lead by Craig Underhill.

While Steve Woodhead in Art for Everyday Living will describes his traditional and funky domestic ware as “art for everyday living”. In this lively session, Steve will be demonstrating how he brings life and individuality to every domestic pieces.

On Sunday you will have the opportuity to watch Unfired  A film by Arijit Chatterjee, Patrick Shanahan and Asha Sumra.

Unfired is a lyrical reflection on the spaces and resources of the Mangalore Tile industry. Terracotta production was initiated on the Malabar Coast, South India by German Missionaries in 1865 and triggered a widespread practice of building and living with clay. With the industry in a state of severe decline, this short film interweaves footage of functioning, abandoned and falling factories to reveal the rhythms and qualities of these environments. Select spaces are subtly re-appropriated to project imaginations for the future use of the spaces, products and clay.

More Info:
he Maltings, Bridge Square, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7QR

Opening Time
aturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4.30pm

Admission Prices
Adult £5.00
Concession £4.50
Children 15yrs and under FREE

Photo Credits: Art in Clay and individual ceramic artists.

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