In-Between: An Exhibition at Flow Gallery

A solo show by Swedish Ceramic Artist Kina Björklund. Historical references abound in the work of Kina; decoration found in 18th-century ceramics, old lace, antique brooches, and old ironmongery. Kina uses these “tools” to stamp her plates and bowls. They provide intricate patterns. She uses terracotta clay and white transparent glazes, which look like icing on a cake.

“My work always starts at the wheel. I then model, alter and cut patterns. While working, I don’t overthink. I follow my senses, my intuition and make space for chance, which leads me forward. Since I was little, I have loved antique shops, always looking for something that evokes my interest, something different that makes me happy. Just like the feeling in the story of Snow White. The diamonds in the dwarf’s mine. That’s what I aim for in my work. I never get there, but sometimes I am on my way. The glittering stones against the grey walls, a longing to strive too. Beautiful, but not too beautiful, something a little ‘in-between’. I follow my restless and somewhat free temperament. Which in my work turns into an organic movement. I am looking for my natural state and what makes me feel happy. ”  Kina Björklund

Kina Björklund is a graduate of Konstfack Ceramics and Glass in Stockholm. She has worked as a ceramicist for over 20 years and has had several solo exhibitions over the years as well as exhibiting in several places in Europe. Kina is represented at the Danish Arts Council, the Gothenburg Arts Council and the Röhsska Museum. Kina Björklund lives in Stockholm and has her studio in Gustavsberg’s old porcelain factory.

Her famous lively and wild cand lesticks signal something quite different, even though nature is very much present. In the candlesticks, technical perfection has given way to randomness and the playful warmth of the hand.

In this new solo exhibition at the Flow Gallery in London we will have the great opportunity to explore the new work by Kina: her collection of plates and bowls.

Kina Björklund work is characterised as wild and boisterous with a strong presence and expression of nature. This is particularly evident in the candlesticks, which feel as if they have been grown in a greenhouse rather than fired in the kiln. Nature is very much alive, lush and wild. In an exciting encounter between nature and culture, Kina’s candlesticks are transgressive, astonishing and enchanting. A joy for the senses.


  • From Thursday, 1 July 2021 to Friday, 17 September 2021
  • Flow Gallery – London, United Kingdom

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