In Conversation with …

A while back I started curating and editing a selection of conversations with artists and potters and makers in the pottery world. Since then I managed to have interesting conversations with London based Steve Harrison about his salt glaze pottery, Kira Ni from Tallinn in Estonia, Kirsty Adams from Newcastle upon Tyne, Emily Kriste-Wilcox from Birmingham, Alice Walton from Somerset and Alice Duck from Brighton.

LAST PIECE of writing just published in October 2021 .. is telling the story of ceramic artist WeiKeong Tan.

More ‘In Conversation with … ‘ will add regularly… Please get in touch if you think you would like to be featured.

More writing about the arts, design, pottery and the ceramic world can be found here.

In Conversation with … Steve Harrison

In Conversation with … Kira Ni

In Conversation with … Kirsty Adams

In Conversation with … Emily-Kriste Wilcox

In Conversation with … Alice Walton

In Conversation with … Alice Duck

In Conversation with …. WeiKeong Tan

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