Selected clients

My Journal

Journalistic writing and researching

Researching and writing articles, reviews on art, ceramics, ceramicists and potters, books, design, lifestyle, events and what catches my attention.

For more information about creative writing and researching: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Spotzer Media

Copy Writing & Translating

Editing, copy writing and localisation of several websites from their clients’ portfolio. Effective SEO and Picture captions writing for the digital market.

For more info about localising: maribalsamawilson @tutanota.com

Paola Furlanetto

Creative Writing & Editing

KPIs PER LE CITTÀ DEL FUTURO Creative rewriting, copy writing and editing of the speeches from the MDW2019 presentations in Milan. Seven leaders in the digital media explore their project toward smart-cities and smart-citizens.

For more info about creative writing: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

David Wilson Counselling

Digital Communications & PR

Supporting psychotherapist David Wilson on the digital communications and PR for his therapy, counselling practice and mentoring specialising in HSPs – Highly Sensitive People.

For more info about PR consulting & Social Media coordination: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Rosetta Translation London

Translating & Proofreading

Traditional translations for several projects for their clients: from website to private clients redtape. Subjects: medical, business, lifestyle, economy.

For more info about translating: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Croud Digital Agency

Copy Writing & Localising

Localisation, translation, transcreation and copy of several global brands for the Italian Market, including an ongoing project for Canyon Bikes’ Italian website.

For more info about copy writing: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Mavens of London

Italian Content Writing & localising

Italian content writer for one of their client. Researching, creative writing, translating and localising in Italian digital content for the website Cleanipedia by Unilever.

For more info about content writing: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Sandro Migliarini, Artist & Architect

Language Curator

English/Italian Language consultancy and curation of the English Edition of the book accompanying the launch of the exhibition Genova and the Italian Riviera in London.

For more info about publications: maribalsamawilson@tutanota.com

Sony Pictures Television

Web Marketer & Content Writer

Web and contents manager for their Italian television channel on SKY. Editing, Writing, Translating, Transcreating, Managing, On line and offline. Editing promo video with the onair team, working with the US based Marketing Team and the Italian Team in London and Milan.

For more info about web marketing:

Fashion Illustrated

Bilingual Sub-Editor & Journalist

Italian English journalist, sub-editor and team member of newsroom (specialising in writing about fashion & technology) for the early version of this editorial project directed at the time by Fabiana Giacomotti.

For more info about writing & researching:

John Brown Media

Language Sub-Editor

Italian – English Language sub-editor and copy for the Italian edition of the IKEA ROOM magazine (room, now Ikea Family Magazine). Working in a international team of global languages editors and subeditors.

For more info about sub editing:


Communication & Media Consultant

A creative translation and communication agency specialising in the not-for-profit sector and small business.

For more info about communications, creative writing & marketing consultancy and English – Italian Project:

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