Lucie Rie. Ceramics & Buttons: an exhibition

CoCA Lucie Rie ceramics collection - Photo by Phil Sayer As one of the most respected potters of the 20th century, Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995) was known for her finely thrown and beautifully decorated functional domestic ceramics.I am falling in love with her work more and more. And since I started my pottery journey I... Continue Reading →

Materials Matter: an exhibition

Bjork Haraldsdottir - stoneware Jacy Wall – ‘Big Stripes’ woven tapestry in wool, silk & linen Bringing an exciting collaboration to the Select A rt Trail in 2019 will be ceramicist Björk Haraldsdóttir and textile artist and printer Jacy Wall in 'Materials Matter' Two artists collaborate to bring a dazzling show of pattern and colour... Continue Reading →

My pottery journey

On the 16th of October 2018, I had a serious domestic accident, whilst on holiday in Copenhagen, Denmark. Just a few weeks before, I had just started a new pottery course. I always wanted to explore pottery, but it was never the right time. But then I realised that the right time was not going... Continue Reading →

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