Artisanal touch: Emily-Kriste Wilcox

Emily-Kriste Wilcox is a specialist in handbuilding and has been a professional ceramicist for 14 years.  She has recently been awarded “Best Artisanal Interior Decor Products 2019” for her innovation in business as well as overall outstanding achievement.

Emily has developed her ceramic practice to create pieces suitable for interior décor, with an emphasis on bringing elements from the outside world into the home.  Four the main collections: Coastal & Lake, Field & Country, Garden & Bloom, Pattern & Surface, with each one remaining individual yet with many overlapping characteristics which means they can easily be mixed and matched to create a unique group.

Using a painterly approach, each of these slab-built ceramic vessels holds an abstract interpretation that can often be attributed to the landscape.  Blues, greens and greys predominate the colour palette, with splashes or accents of colour to punctuate the otherwise subtle surfaces.

New developments in the collections can also be seen through the use of a few tweaks in the construction process as well as further decorating techniques, for example sgraffito has become more prevalent in the Pattern & Surface range pictured below.  Stripes have often featured in Emily’s work yet regularly confined to the rim and the foot as part of framing the painterly nature of the body of the vessel.  In switching over this focus and giving more space to the stripes on the body of the pot, it has become a striking contemporary addition which would happily fit alongside other pieces in the home, yet in keeping with her signature style.

 About Emily-Kriste

Emily-Kriste Wilcox, graduated from Bath Spa in 2005 and her work is now held in personal collections across the UK, Europe and the US.  She has been awarded ‘Best Artisanal Interior Decor Products 2019’, alongside an international Arts & Crafts Design Award (2018), and the Craft & Design Silver Award in Ceramics (2012).  Her work has appeared in Creates Magazine, Country LivingCeramic ReviewCraft & Design Magazine, House & Garden, The English Home amongst other publications.  She has also featured in international publications including ‘Who’s Who in Visual Art’ by Hannan Ullmann (2019) and (2016); the Dutch arts magazine KLEI in 2019, 2018 and 2013; and in ‘More Art of Decorating’, by Mels Boom, published in 2014.
Emily is a Selected Professional member of the Craft Potters Association, a full member of the historic Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen, and a member of Handmade in Britain

Photo Credits: Yeshen Venema

Discover more on her website.

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